Tropical Paradise

15160519643_e6369325a8_bSt. Maarten is a tropical paradise. This Caribbean island is a great place to go and relax. For those that want to be entertained on vacation there is also a lot to do on this island. There are some places in St. Maarten that everyone should see while on this island. Perfect beaches, spead boat tours, snorkeling, and diving. Car Rentals St Marteen service offers different type of cars which are able to make you vacation more exciting. Here you can find what you are looking for:

Three are many great beaches that a person can visit. There are many hotels where a person can stay that are right on the beach. The sand is white and clean. The water is blue and crystal clear. There are even some beaches on this island that are clothing optional for those that want a new experience. Maho Beach is one of the top rated beaches to visit and has even won a Traveler’s Choice award.

Speed Boat Tours
There are different speed boat tours that will take a person out into the ocean. They will see all kinds of tropical fish and other sea creatures .The speed boat will spot and allow the people on board to get out and explore. Soualiga Destinations Boat Tours will provide everything a person needs for this adventure and is popular with tourists.

Captain Alan’s Three Island Snorkeling Adventure
The professional team at Captain Alan’s will go over the basics of snorkeling with their guests. They will then take them to a special spot on the island and give them a snorkeling tour. Here a person will be able to swim with some of the most amazing marine life they have ever seen. The boat will go to several different stops along the coast so a person can experience the wonders of the entire island.

Octopus Diving
Before getting into the water a person will have to take a diving safety course. They will learn how to use the equipment and learn how to move15643909022_d85aeb9c68_o around under water. A person will also be with a certified instructor. Once the instructor feels that the group is ready they will go out of the ocean in a specific spot and dive for octopus. During the dive a person will get to see these creatures in the water and how they openly swim. A person can go with a group or they have an instructor work with them on a private group dive.

Jet Extreme
This is something new that a person can experience. A person can go jet skiing or they can try the new jet skies. These skies will allow a person to hover above the water like they were flying. The skies, goggles, and life vests will be provided by the company. All a person has to do is follow the instructions of their guide and they can have hours of fun.
These are just some of the great things that a person can do on St. Maarten. The beaches are great but there are many activities where a person can experience something different while on vacation.